Empowering young people

Ban Ki-moon: "We are the first generation that can end poverty and we are the last generation that can end climate change."

Generation T is a Belgian initiative powered by sustainability network The Shift and youth organisation Act4Change, aiming to build a community of youngsters with a heart for sustainability. Share your ideas, take action with us and show us the role you play in the transition to a more sustainable society. 

Kick off 2017


On Octobre 26 we have welcomed new members into Generation T. Do you want to get a taste of what it was like at the kick off? 

Apply now to join the Generation-T tribe!

Generation T launches a new call for young people to join the Tribe.

Generation T challenges: IKEA Food

During 2 meetings we got to know the Food strategy of IKEA globally and in Belgium, and we brought some out-of-the box thinking and ideas to IKEA.

Apply now to join the Generation T tribe

Generation T launches a new call for young people to join the Tribe. Young people will define the future and therefore we want to create visibility for their projects and empower them, their sustainability projects and their ideas. 

Ecokot - omdat duurzaamheid niet duur hoeft te zijn...

Missie: Aantonen dat duurzaamheid NIET duur en vervelend hoeft te zijn.

1. Te veel afval in de stad
2. Te weinig groen in de stad
3. Te weinig gemeengoed in de stad

Will Brexit trigger the Africanisation of Europe?

One reason why the UK might want to leave the EU is that the EU is an ‘untransparent, ineffective juggernaut’. However, the African experience shows that a web of smaller organisations might be even worse. Unfortunately, an African-style web is where Europe might end up after a Brexit. Lodewijk Van Dycke wrote about the danger for the EU to become an African-like mishmash.

Doing less bad is not good enough

The recent upsurge of political and business interest in the idea of a circular economy raises a crucial question: is it a real game changer or just another trend that will soon go out of fashion? Sevan Holemans wrote a blog about the subject which you can read here!

Vlaanderen en Zuid-Afrika blijven geloven in de kracht van jonge vrijwilligers

Onder het motto “Upscaling and promoting youth volunteering in civil society organisations” sloegen Vlaanderen en Zuid-Afrika opnieuw de handen in elkaar. In het kader van deze vijfjarige samenwerking reisde een 5-koppige Vlaamse delegatie tussen 6 en 13  maart 2016 af naar Johannesburg. Deze Vlaamse stuurgroep begeleidt het ministerie voor jeugdontwikkeling in Zuid-Afrika (NYDA) in de promotie van het vrijwilligerswerk.

Generation T challenges Delhaize

Generation T is a network of young pioneers in sustainable transition. We know many companies and organisations are looking for innovative solutions and more sustainable business models to deal with societal issues. Therefore, Generation T aims to challenge those organisations to think 'out-of-the-box' and to shape ambitious sustainability policies. As a first challenge, we’ll start with Delhaize!

Hay Group Coaching

Generation T partner Hay Group is offering a one-year coaching program on leadership competences to 20 Generation T members. The Kick-off session took place the 1st of March where Hay Group gave a first impression of what the next sessions would be about. 

Generation T Weekend

The first weekend of March was reserved for the first Generation T weekend, a weekend organised by Generation T members and supported by Act4Change.

Generation T Talks

This evening was all about supporting each other and finding solutions for challenges Generation T members where facing in their projects. Four Generation T members prepared a challenge they  and called for the help of their fellow Generation T members. 

Generation T meets Michel Bauwens

On the 18th of February, Generation T member Kristof Calvo and Gilles Vanden Burre invited Geneneration T members for an inspirational evening with Michel Bauwens and politicians from all parties in the Federal Parliament.

The Epic Battle To Get Justice From Chevron

“We’re in front of the International Criminal Court now! We’re just about to get in. I’ll let you know when it’s done.” He hung up, went in and dropped the time bomb in an office. Forty minutes later he called again. “We did it!”

An early stage social entrepreneur in new BIO-MATERIALS

Magma Nova, my project that turns wasted resources into new biodegradable materials, connecting the end of the cycle with the beginning and thus making it a circular system, has entered the accelerator program of MakeSense. Large-scale societal and environment impact is the core of our ambitions.

Défi Février Sans Gaspi

GreenCaps est une organisation qui n’a qu’une idée en tête : insuffler la MOTIVATION nécessaire aux gens pour orienter leur quotidien vers un mode de vie durable. Decouvre et participe dans le projet de Philippe Gendebien

Wie heeft er baat bij een prijs op CO2?

Tussen de stortvloed aan hoeraberichten over het in Parijs bereikte klimaatakkoord viel één dissonante stem wel heel erg op, namelijk die van de bekende NASA-wetenschapper James Hansen. Olivier Beys bespreekt deze dissonante stem en de gevolgen van het klimaatakkoord.

Klimaatakkoord in Parijs betekent einde van fossiel tijdperk

Joeri Thijs representeerde Generation T in Parijs als beleidsmedewerker voor Greenpeace, waar hij 2 weken de onderhandelingen van op de eerste rij meemaakte. Hij hield een blog bij over de ontwikkelingen bij de onderhandelingen.

Het klimaatakkoord in vijf hoofdpunten

Het klimaatakkoord in vijf hoofdpuntenHet klimaatakkoord is een feit. Hoewel er veel op valt aan te merken, is het de eerste keer ooit dat de internationale gemeenschap zo'n ambitieuze afspraak maakt. Wat zijn de hoofdpunten van het verdrag en hoe kwamen ze tot stand? Lees hier de blog van Steven Vanonckelen

Movie Launch Party Generation T

On November 10th, La Tricoterie in Brussels was the host of the party that launched the new network Generation T. To once again relive the atmosphere of this fantastic evening, we proudly present you this small movie! Enjoy!

Generation T taking Action for the Climate

Delegations of all countries gather together in Paris for the COP 21 climate conference, to negotiate an agreement to limit global warming. The Belgian government still didn’t reach an agreement on the moment of departure towards the COP21 in Paris the 28th of November. Generation T members take the lead to challenge the current situation!

On 10 November the ball was officially opened, our Generation T young people now warmly invite you to join us!

A spectacular launch party on Tuesday, 10 November marked the official kick-off of Generation T. In conjunction with Act4Change, we brought together this colourful collection of young change makers from all over Belgium for the first time.

Sihame El Kaouakibi

Launch of our 100 young change makers

On the 10th of November we celebrated the launch of our new network of young people who are ready to change the world: Generation T. Read more about our initiative via demorgen.be explained by jury president Sihame El Kaouakibi and discover some Generation T'ers. 

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