About us

Generation T is an initiative of Act4Change and The Shift, aimed at founding a strong network of young people working towards a sustainable society. Find out more about us, our validation committee and our partners. 

About Generation T

Generation T is a dynamic, self-supporting and informal open network of youngsters from within both corporations as civil society. Those youngsters who realize the transition to a more sustainable society and economy, get the chance to make contacts with likeminded youngsters from different sectors, and to co-create with a broader group of people and organizations to increase the impact of their own projects. This platform was initiated in 2015 by the Belgian meeting point for sustainability The Shift and volunteer organization Act4Change.

New candidates are regularly joining the network, after a selection made by the validation committee.

Validation Committee

In order to select a representative validation committee, we look across the country for sustainable pioneers with experience in various domains. The committee consists of both experts with years of experience and younger talents.  

Selection procedure

The validation committee controls the conditions of participation of all the applications.

The validation committee evaluates the submissions based on substantive criteria. They evaluate your activities, ideas or projects based on a few criteria: why is it innovative - how can others further build up on your efforts – what is the impact of your project or activity on our society – to what extent do you also inspire other people around you with your engagement? For more details about the criteria, see contest rules. Every submission will be evaluated by a minimum of 3 different committee members on the degree to which it satisfies the conditions of a Generation T, “the potential for change”.

More information on the full procedure and the selection criteria can be found in our set of rules.

Contest rules
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Validation Committee 2016

For the validation committee this year we have external experts as member, but also present Generation T members who will validate the candidates.

  • Huyghe Caroline - Programme Coordinator Food for the Future at Vredeseilanden/VECO
  • Lips Benoit - Co-Founder and Board member at Quartier(s) Libre(s)
  • Peeters Kaat - Managing Director at vzw Sociale InnovatieFabriek
  • Somerhausen Patrick - ‎Managing Partner chez Funds For Good
  • Lindekens Kathy - ‎Youth Advisor VRT
  • Godet Thibaud - Gen T + Future of Food System
  • De Deken Alien - Gen T + Marketing & Sustainability Program ERM
  • Leila Jmili - Gen T + Corporate Sustainability Project Manager at Solvay
  • Demuzere Matthias - Gen T - Post-doctoral research fellow
  • Milis Lauriane - Gen T - Manager at Wear a story
  • Koolhof Suzanne - Gen T - ‎Social Impact Developer at Re-Vive

Validation Committee 2015

Under the presidency of Sihame El Kaouakibi, Founder of “Let’s Go Urban”, CEO of “A Woman’s View” and author of the book #BELIEVE, our Generation T validation committee gathered the following members: 

The Shift

The Shift is the Belgian meeting point for sustainability. To realise the transition to a more sustainable society and economy, we encourage close cooperation between ‘unusual suspects’: companies, NGOs, academic institutions, governmental bodies and other key actors in society. We want to connect young people with valuable stakeholders and invite them to challenge the sustainability initiatives of companies and NGOs in our network.


Youth-led Act4Change contributes to a more sustainable society by supporting young change makers in their actions and interest for sustainable development. We do this by offering young people networking, learning and growth opportunities, supporting innovative initiatives and stimulating cooperation between youth and organisations. Generation T combines all of these elements in a challenging new concept.

Partner up!

Our project manager Jan-Hendrik can tell you more about Generation T and explore your potential role (or that of your company or organisation) in this initiative. Would you like to join our partners and share your expertise or ideas to further empower Generation T? Let us know if you would like to partner up and contact Jan-Hendrik via janhendrik.serty@theshift.be. 

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