Generation T: Let's Talk Politics

Sustainable Development Goal(s): Quality EducationGood jobsClimate Action

On 18 April, Generation T organised the event 'Generation T: Let's Talk Politics' in response to the upcoming elections on 26 May. In addition to the Generation T network, Teach for Belgium was also invited to be inspired by this group of young pioneers in a society in transition.

Fortunately, the Generation T network is deeply embedded in our society. That's why we were able to invite some Generation T members who are actively involved in politics for a debate.

Let's Talk Politics?

Okay, but about what exactly?
The concept was as follows: our panel of 5 politicians was strengthened during 3 debates by 2 Generation T members with an affinity with the theme of the debate. The themes of the evening were work, climate and education.

"Let's Talk Politics was the first debate I participated in during the electoral campaign. It was a pleasure to share the panel with my peers. What unites us is clearly stronger than what divides us - in terms of the labour market, education and, above all, climate. It has given me hope for the future".
- Anthony Baert 

During the first theme of the evening, 'Work', we invited Joke Van Bommel and Nabil Bazsaz to join us at the table. Joke was able to strengthen the conversation through her role as spokesperson at the VDAB and Nabil from his experience in HR with a focus on inclusion and diversity.
He is a co-founder of Young Entelechy, a group of young people who support companies and organisations in drawing up and implementing an HR policy with a focus on diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility.

"I found it a very interesting evening and learned a lot from the ambitious young people who are committed to a more sustainable society. It gave me new insights and broadened my network."
- Nabil Bazsaz



During the debate on the theme 'Education' we welcomed Ergys Brocaj en Klaartje Volders at the table.
Ergys has gained experience at the Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel and the Vlaamse Onderwijsraad and is the founder of My Utopia
Klaartje enriched the debate through her role at Teach for Belgium where she is responsible for the public and private partnerships and where she is the person of contact for schools in the Flemish Community.

For the Climate discussion we invited Herlinde Baeyens en Samuel Lietaer.
Herlinde contributed actively as ambassador for the climate campaign 'Sign for my future' and has experience as a UN youth representative at the Flemish Youth Council. 
Samuel is a researcher of 'environmental migration' for the MIGRADAPT-project (Belspo-BRAIN), doctoral candidate & KLIMOS-fellow.