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Describe yourself and your role in the transition towards a more sustainable society in Belgium. Why are you doing this? What motivates you to do this? What’s the bigger picture? How do you inspire others? How do you inspire/convince others to make this change? Tip: The validation process takes into account your motivation to work on transition, the impact your realisation, the innovation in your approach to challenges and if you inspire others in your actions.
What can you bring to Generation T? Tip: your strengths, motivations, values, ideas, vision. Tip: The validation process takes into account your personal values, how you translate it into actions and your will to work together with others (peers and organisations)
What are/were the projects / activities / researches you’re involved in related to sustainable transition? How do you realise change? What is your role? Tip: The validation process takes into account your experience as volunteer, actor, participant, researcher, entrepreneur … in a process of change, the lead you take in such process and if you are currently involved in change projects.
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