Alex Hanssens

Alex Hanssens

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Who are you?

Hi my name is Alex and I'm an optometrist. I work as an assistant for a ophthalmologist. I became interested in Urban farming in 2017. In the same year I have built a hydroponic system to produce fresh herbs. My goal is to integrate this modern way of cultivating in the city. In my free time I'm studying Eastern medicine. 

Why are you part of Generation T?

I'd like to think I have a problem solving and creative mind. In the practice of optometry one must make quick decisions with the best outcome. It comes in handy in daily live as well. 

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate the change:

With optometry I help people to see well or better, which means they can be active or more productive in our society. With the project I'm currently working on I want to integrate a healthy, local and fresh way for food production.