Alien De Deken

Alien De Deken

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Responsible for the Sustainability Program at ERM Benelux and volunteer for Climate Express


 "I believe that a small group of motivated people can effect change through innovative ideas and initiatives with respect to our planetary boundaries."

Who are you?

I am a  volunteer for the Climate Express, a growing movement that strives towards a firm and collaborative approach to climate issues. Under the positive vibe of “#movetheclimate”, Climate Express is mobilising 10,000 Belgians to go to COP21 in Paris. Professionally I work at ERM, an Environmental Consultancy firm. I'm responsible for the Sustainability Program for Benelux. We are trying to make our company more sustainable, internally but also in our work towards clients.

Why are you part of Generation T?

Personally, I am dissatisfied with the international gridlock on enforcing climate policy, and I am convinced that a growing movement of changemakers and their initatives  can contribute to reinvigorating international climate talks. I have an insider’s perspective of the nature of Business striving to make the change, from working for an environmental consultancy firm that provides sustainable solutions for companies and government institutions. I want to contribute to making the shift both and consider it my personal responsibility to change this status quo.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

- Being an environmentalist means integrating this subject into my daily life and jobs, as well as introducing the concept to my friend all the time

- Leading the ERM Sustainability Program For Benelux and ERM Foundation

- In the past I was an educational project coordinator for Habbekrats vzw, raising awareness and involving youth in climate change action.

- As a board member of Ugent1010, taking action to make Ghent University more sustainable, by informing students and staff about sustainability issues and by motivating them to decrease their carbon footprint.

- Climate Express, Volunteer Campaign, communication and network