Amandine Nizet

Amandine Nizet

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Active Thinker


"I want to participate in changing the way we think, we live, we consume, we produce."

Who are you?

I am a scientist by education, passionate by Mother Nature, and I work in the insurance department of a Belgian chemical industry. So how to combine such passion with this job? Sustainability, that's the key! My objective is to protect the people and the earth, while ensuring the business continuity of our industrial sector.

Why are you part of Generation T?

Thanks to my job, I understand the risks of a chemical industry. I also understand to what extent a company can comply with the legislation, and can invest in sustainable objectives. Thanks to my education I understand the scientific principles, the mechanisms and the importance of innovation. I am a quick learner, driven by achievement, and who cares about people, about Mother Nature. I want to participate in changing the way we think, we live, we consume, we produce. I want to be an active part of this transition to a new sustainable world.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

This change drives us inevitably to new products, new energy sources and new consumption models: develop high efficiency energies, promote product & environmental risk management around the world, encourage people to invest in energy-saving equipment and natural energy-based technologies. My dream is, on one side, to promote the existence of environmental protection funds within multinational companies, and on the other side, to act concretely and build territories of energy independencies. And to make this true, Generation T can help me meet other motivated young people to promote these ideas with me.