Anthony Naralingom

Anthony Naralingom

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Who are you and what do you do?

Passionate by circular and sharing economy, innovation and entrepreneurship, I truly believe and act for a transition towards a new economic paradigm. Technological breakthrough are powerful enablers but, without a sound business model and a real shift of mindset, nothing will be sustainably accomplished. I work at  to enable the transition at regional level towards circular economy. I am also one of the co-founders of Sharify to help the stimulation towards sharing and circular models.

What competences would make you a good Generation T?

I acquired skills to enable circular economy transition. I have both technical background (research engineer specialized in green chemistry, biorefineries...) and economic background (strategy & innovation, project management, business advisor...). In my current position, I want to be an interface between important stakeholders (public authorities, economic actors, research centers...) in order to contribute to circular economy.

Give specific example(s) on how your projects or activities make a difference and initiate change.

The Regional Program for circular economy aims to enable the transition of the Brussels Economy towards circular economy through complementary measures. One example is the call for projects that support circular economy projets in order to help them increase their impact.