Aurélie Picard

Aurélie Picard

No PovertyNo HungerGood HealthQuality EducationClean water and sanitationGood jobsSustainable Cities and CommunitiesResponsible ConsumptionClimate ActionLife on landPeace and JusticePartnerships for the goals

Who are you?

I am Aurelie from Bruxelles ma belle and I am passionate about the positive role humans can play in the ecosystem. So far, I've dedicated my life to two main missions. The first being to motivate youngsters to participate in volunteering projects so they could experience the power of helping out for the greater good, feel valued for what they have to offer and gain a wide range of social and practical skills on the way. The second being to understand the Principles and Patterns that are orchestrating Nature, how humans fit in it and how we, as a species, can participate in the abundance the Earth can provide. Therefore, for the last three years of my life, I've been training in Permaculture skills, soil and gut regeneration, nutrient dense food production and preparation, bio-intensive and bio-dynamic gardening, heritage seed saving, food forest designs and small-scale nursery management. 
I aim to unify my missions in a way I can coordinate projects of natural wealth regeneration powered by youngsters of all ages for the benefit of generations to come. 

Why are you part of Generation T ?

I am a compassionate and sensitive being, keeping my mind wide open, I can easily understand the point of view of others and where their reasoning is coming from without judgement. I am conscious that any judgement I have about others is a mirror reflecting what I need to work on about myself. I can say I am a resilient, energetic, honest, loyal, positive, organized, committed, well grounded, passionate and hardworking person. I do what I love and I love what I do and every day I learn more about how to get better at it. I love to work independently as well as in team, valuing the unique gifts and talents everyone has to offer. We are all experiencing Life in our very own way and I believe we are meant to encourage each other to express ourselves at our best potential! 

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

I'm constantly researching about ways to reconnect people from cities with the Earth that is supporting them. I've gained skills in plant propagation to be able to invade our concrete jungles with Life so people can remember where we come from and what it feels like. I've worked for Mission d'Insertion des Jeunes and Les Compagnons Batisseurs, youth workers dedicated to empower our generations to take up the biggest challenges and delights of the 21st century; Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. I was involved in Campus en Transition ULB, understanding the wishes and needs of our generations to incorporate meaningful changes in our daily lives. I am highly supportive of the squat movement in Brussels, prioritizing the needs for shelter, accommodation management, and community building. I want to transmit my skills and motivation to any citizen that wants to take back the ownership and responsibility for their environment and fellow human beings through community gardening and composting, spreading all the knowledge we have available to thrive consciously in our Inner and Outer worlds.

Who inspired you ? What made you first passionate about sustainability ?

Growing up in Scouts and Youth movements first thought me about solidarity and the love and respect we should give unconditionally to Mother Nature and our Brothers and Sisters of all nations. When I was 12, I started listening to Tryo (french band) who opened my eyes and ears to more global challenges. I got inspired by the works of Reporters Sans Frontieres, mediatizing the accomplishments of many changemakers of all ages around the world. Spiritual scriptures also guided me in a broader perspective of the Whole we are part of and gave me simple tools to be able to evolve in. I am inspired every day by other human beings for the brave choices they make, coming out of their comfort zones and accomplishing their dreams. I am inspired by the beauty of nature and the mysteries of the Universe. I am driven by Love and choose to focus on the positive aspect of everything in order to enhance its powers...and I am constantly grateful for the chance I have to be Alive, right here, right now!