Aurore Flament

Aurore Flament

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Who are you?

I have always been very passionate about the environment. Ever since I was made aware of our impact as humans on our planet, through classes in second grade school. Today, better understanding our current socio-economic challenges, and trying to make our present and future more sustainable is what drives me every day.  

After graduating from a business school, I completed a postgraduate program at the College of Europe and did an internship at the European Commission to better understand the reality in which we live in Europe. To broaden my knowledge on environmental matters, I completed an additional master in environmental science and management. 

I started my professional career at 3E, a renewable energy consultancy company, where I managed various interesting projects. I was for instance closely involved in setting up the renewable energy strategy for Botswana and renewable energy policy for Namibia. One of my first, and very confronting projects at 3E consisted in performing a pre-feasibility study for the electrification of rural areas of Madagascar with renewables. That definitely triggered me to continue in that direction. To further increase my impact, I recently joined Alpro, a private company in the food and beverages sector with ambitious sustainable development targets, as Jr. Sustainable Development Manager. 

Why are you part of Generation T ?

My motivation to act and my enthusiasm towards a greener environment and sustainable human activity characterize me. Having lived and worked in different countries, I have learned to adapt to different cultures and environments. I truly believe building a more sustainable world will necessitate cooperation and interactions from different angles. I am convinced my academic background, professional experiences, my network and my ideas will enrich the exchanges and strengthen the initiatives within Generation T.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate the change:

I initiate change through different channels, experimenting, and trying to inspire through exchange of ideas and experiences. Volunteering is one channel: I volunteered in a Belgian social organization, helping the most disadvantaged in Brussels, and with the International Civil Service in an orphanage in Kenya. At the university, I studied the social entrepreneurial process in depth and decided to write my end of year thesis as a teaching case study to reach as many people as possible. I tried to give a better understanding of how the social entrepreneurial process differs from the traditional commercial one, focusing on APOPO, a Belgian social enterprise training giant African rats to support life-saving activities. My thesis showed quite some interest, won an award, and got used for teaching purposes.  

Through my current work at Alpro, I now try to spread the message that eating plant-based is already a simple step toward a more sustainable future. The environmental impacts of a liter of soy drink for example is considerably lower than a liter of cow milk. The right communication and education are in my opinion the keys to true success!