Bart Devos

Bart Devos

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Board Member GoodPlanet Belgium & UN Youth Delegate Sustainable Development


“I believe that young people can make a major difference in the transition towards a more sustainable society across the world.”

Who are you?

I believe that young people can make a major difference in the transition towards a more sustainable society across the world. As UN Youth Delegate Sustainable Development, I am an advocate for youth empowerment, youth participation, and ambitious international commitments for sustainable development and climate change. My work at the UN level is to ensure that concerns of young people are integrated in global development policies. Secondly, with GoodPlanet Belgium, I try to inspire people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles and teach people how to do this. Finally, as founding president of Young Water Solutions, I provide financial and technical support for young people contributing to universal access to water and sanitation.

Why are you part of Generation T?

I can bring considerable experience in terms of advocacy and outreach, including speaking at high-level, a major network in Belgium and internationally, and I am a very passionate advocate of human rights and development issues. Having worked with young people in over 80 countries, having attended many high-level conferences, and having traveled in over 30 countries, I can bring broader perspectives to the table. My studies in International Law and work as UN youth delegate mean that I have excellent knowledge regarding international law and human rights issues, international policies and policy making, etc. Furthermore I have plenty of useful experience in running and managing organizations.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

By exchanging and reaching out to other young people, I try to inspire them to take action and feed those ideas on how to do this. By the advocacy I do in favor of youth empowerment and youth participation at all levels, I contribute to create an environment for young people and I invest in the potential of young people. Through my organization Young Water Solutions, young people are empowered to take action. Through GoodPlanet Belgium, I contribute to give young people a voice in matters relating to sustainable development and climate change.