Elias De Keyser

Elias De Keyser


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Master student InnoEnergy program and Blogger


"I refuse to see climate change as the end of the world, but rather as the best opportunity to build better societies, for everyone."

Who are you?

I think climate change is the biggest threat to human rights and democracy. I’ve been interested in the topic since a young age and I won the Jonge Baekeland competition with a feasibility study on collecting energy from sea currents. I decided to become an engineer and maybe one day realize this idea. I started this year in the EIT-KIC InnoEnergy master program "Energy for Smart Cities" at the KULeuven. With this program, I will have all knowledge to become an entrepreneur in the sustainability field. I have a blog on climate change and how technology can help us. I wanted to communicate about it in a new way, showing how many solutions there are today. It's not too late to act. 

Why are you part of Generation T?

I would love to see Belgium become a world leader in sustainability. I want to push and inspire my own generation: there is a big problem but together we can solve it. I refuse to see climate change as the end of the world, but rather as the biggest opportunity to get rid of a lot of things that are wrong in this world and build better societies. I'm building up my technical and scientific knowledge via my studies. My analytical mindset and engineering approach come in helpful when doing projects. I love to give presentations on the topic. I’m more than happy to join Generation T, because like-minded people can have a much bigger impact together than when acting alone.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

Via my blog I try to keep both the challenges and possible solutions under the attention. I hope this inspires people to get into action because they see it's not too late yet. I talk about it with people, always trying to connect it with their personal story. By sharing my own personal story, I make people see that their own talents could be useful as well in the battle against climate change. And from the positive feedback I get, I know that it works.