Elise Elsacker

Elise Elsacker


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Zero Waste Lifestyle and Future of Materials Designer


“One year ago I gave myself the challenge live without waste, this lifestyle inspired me to rethink the materials of the future in architectural design.”

Who are you?

One year ago I gave myself the challenge to drastically reduce the waste that I produce. Now I live completely zero waste and I'm writing a blog because I wish to communicate my solutions and alternatives that can reduce the impact on the planet with simple and daily choices. I've started a local movement in Brussels to change consumers culture towards zero waste lifestyles. Graduated as an architect, co-founder of Magma Nova, I have a passion for the manufacturing of bio-sourced materials and am convinced of the potential of biofabrication. I'm experimenting with these organisms using an empirical approach, in an attempt to reveal their potential, that will make them the local materials of the future, implemented in architectural and design applications.

Why are you part of Generation T?

I would like to be connected with other innovators, social entrepreneurs, makers, artists and anyone who is engaged in reducing and revaluing waste. I'd like to collaborate with others to solve challenges and build methodologies towards a more sustainable environment, from design to implementation. I think my strength lies in my profound knowledge and passion about what I'm doing: a zero waste lifestyle and reflecting on the future of materials / bio fabrication. Combining these two can be valuable for the community.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

My current challenges are to help people to change their consumption habits, organise shopping-trips, connect entrepreneurs in the waste sector and do research to invent the materials of the future... I’ve help to make the community of Future of Waste (part of MakeSense) grow in Brussels and am very active in its development.By writing simple tips on my blog, by indicating on a map where to buy food without packaging, following up my readers, I hope to inspire them to do the same. I've also been trying to inspire people via the media, and different newspapers. I've gave small talks and all this efforts have already helped, but the waste challenge is super big: we should all reform our consumption together.