Fanny Ollivier

Fanny Ollivier

Innovation and InfrastructureReduced InequalitiesResponsible Consumption

Who are you and what do you do?

I have been working since its inception and have been involved in the implementation of the organisation Goods to Give in Belgium. An association that aims to rethink the management of industrial waste of non-food goods and therefore often non-perishable but just obsolete marketing; Faced with the growing material precariousness of almost 15% of the population of the country living below the poverty line and having little or no access to these products. The aim is therefore to co-create, with both industrial and social actors, a solidarity that was hitherto non-existent in Belgium on this issue, in order to fight exclusion and poverty. More generally, this work, for me, aims to rethink existing and institutionalized patterns of overconsumption and waste and to try by entering into the processes of companies to adjust systematic behaviours and then reduce the excesses of this mode of consumption. It is to propose an alternative where there was none.

To convince companies, therefore, they must be made aware of the change that has to be done for a sustainable and social transition. The social, environmental and economic impact of a new management of the unsold products need to be demonstrated.

What competences would make you a good Generation T?

I am highly motivated by this project as when I participated to other programs such as the Ashoka impact program or the Boost your impact program, I was so excited to see the number of positive initiatives and desire for transition of this generation that I want to be part of it. I want to exchange, to believe that some things will change and that we are many to want it and do our best to make it happen. To be part of this project is also reinforcing my convictions and enthusiasm to keep doing things for change, to feed off each other’s energy and to transmit mine to support other participants in their projects.

Give specific example(s) on how your projects or activities make a difference and initiate change.

Through my work within Goods to Give that I implemented with the current director, via the mission of this NGO, I participate in a sustainable transition. G2G is today 5 million euros of new products that were destined to destruction (shampoos, shower gel, clothes, cleaning products ...) that could be redistributed to people who need them. It is 260 social organizations partner (Red Cross, Samu Social ..) that help 210,000 people. It is more than twenty companies that now give us their unsold products and have changed their processes in the management of their stocks.

Who inspired you? What made you first passionate about sustainability?

Through my studies of political science, my friends, the development of Social entrepreneurship and ambitious new alternatives to a traditional system and simply by reaction to the current context of growing inequalities and a certain indignation shared by many people who no longer know how traditional means can respond to their concerns, I developed this interest to sustainability and want to be part of the transition that is now happening.