Maxime Parmentier

Maxime Parmentier

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Head of sourcing strategy at the Global Fund to fight AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria


"We need to build a Community of the Willing."

Who are you?

I have always been a strong enthusiast of disruptive changes in society for the better and I am keen to strive to become a change maker. I started at school, setting up or joining the leadership of several non-for profit organizations for economic development in Africa, some of which still operate as prominent non-for-profits in Belgium (e.g., ASMAE). This led me to travel extensively in developing countries and to intern in multiple local NGOs, particularly in Africa, to gauge how development can be most effective between international aid organizations and locally managed non-for-profit. Now I am ready to come back to Belgium and start my own venture. Because we are the drivers of change.

Why are you part of Generation T?

I am excited to join communities of like-minded fellows who believe in the potential of change, in the need of driving the sustainability agenda, and in the potential of active communities joining up efforts.  My vision is simple: we need to build a Community of the Willing. With that aim, Generation T is a very appealing initiative. I believe I could contribute to Generation T with my professional and personal experience both in terms of vision and management and in terms of expertise. I am keen to exchange ideas and values, and opening up any local and international networks that could be useful to Generation T. Finally, I have a sound and untamable enthusiasm and optimism to make change happen and shift mentalities.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

I've been involved in several projects and activities. Repeatedly, I have seen the same pattern occurring during these initiatives: change is difficult, few people believe in you, then the shift slowly happens. One has to be strongly determined, resilient and stick to a vision to make change happen. And needs a community like Generation T to be supported. For example: I co-led the launch of the Social Impact Bond in Belgium with Actiris to support first-generation unemployed immigrants to find a new job. While we faced many resistances at the beginning, we managed to convince the regional authorities and social investors of the virtue of the mechanism.  This should enable 300 job-seekers to find a job. Once prove viable, we will scale up the process.