Nicolas Roegiers

Nicolas Roegiers

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Co-owner of Kodibox


“We already know how to save our planet, what we need are motivated people to do it"

Who are you?

Both an adventure and nature lover, seeing the beautiful nature of the places I have visited disappear drives me to make a difference. Driven by this urge to take matters in my own hands, I am a passionate entrepreneur. What motivates me is the love for entrepreneurship, doing what you believe in and the intrinsic desire to make things better.

Why are you part of Generation T?

By joining Generation T, I hope to learn as much as possible about how to improve our businesses in a sustainable way. Getting in contact with same-minded people, will also help me being successful in my own projects. By being so, I hope to inspire other people in starting their own projects that wil help saving our planet.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

I’m co-owner of Kodibox. Kodibox aims to make moving both easier and greener by replacing cardboard moving boxes with re-usable boxes. With Kodibox we urge people to think sustainably: renting re-usable equipment instead of buying disposable stuff helps reducing waste. We deliver our boxes before the move and pick them up after use. If everybody in Belgium would use our boxes instead of cardboard boxes we would save up to 7.500 ton of CO2 per year. We also give the opportunity to our customers to leave stuff they don’t need any more in our boxes. When we pick-up our boxes after use, we bring the stuff they left to the “Kringwinkel”. This way some goods can enjoy a new life.