Piet Wostyn

Piet Wostyn

Renewable EnergyInnovation and InfrastructureSustainable Cities and Communities

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a multilingual organizational psychologist and anthropologist with broad experience in international development cooperation. Within a variety of organizations and settings, I gained extensive expertise in organizational strengthening, capacity development and results based management. I supported public policy making at national and local level and facilitated individual, organizational and institutional learning processes.

As a project manager, I currently support research programs which strive towards zero-waste valorisation and resource efficiency. Part of a broader network, I want to contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources and engage different actors in the necessary process of social change.

Also, as a volunteer I engage in various activities to support the transition to more sustainable and inclusive societies.

What competences would make you a good Generation T?

Good intentions and great ideas often remain unrealised potential, due to a lack of collaboration and mutual understanding. As a facilitator with broad experience in multi-stakeholder collaboration, I believe it is crucial to construct an inclusive process which brings various stakeholders to the table. The need for a participatory and democratic focus is absolutely crucial to allow the (co-)creation of a genuine long term collaboration between the different actors. This is a ‘conditio-sine-qua-non’ for a truly sustainable result, balancing people, planet and profit, but also including criteria of efficiency, sufficiency and redistribution.

Give specific example(s) on how your projects or activities make a difference and initiate change.

After years of volunteer work at CATAPA and after different professional challenges around the world, I am currently searching for new projects and initiatives to support. Through the years, I have built a more generalist profile but with a clear focus on organizational development and multi-stakeholder collaboration. I believe that the Generation T is an excellent opportunity to exchange with peers and to valorize and develop my ample experience in a new project striving towards sustainable development processes. Sustainable management of resources, energy and climate change are my main fields of interest.

I believe that I bring a valuable experience to the Generation T-table which I would like to further enhance and develop in collaboration with the many colleagues on their quest to sustainable development.

I thank the person who nominated me for offering me this opportunity and the members of the jury to consider my candidacy.