Susanne Koolhof

Susanne Koolhof

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Social impact developer


"Urbanism works when it creates a journey as desirable as the destination (Paul Goldberger)"

Who are you?

As a Social Geography and Planning student, I am addicted to exploring new places. My working career started via Mobile School and Oxfam Wereldwinkels. My other interest is urban development, as my parents own a real estate office I grew up in this sector. I am interested in the new way of urban living: compact, social, sustainable, sharing space and materials. In 2014 I started EcoHub!be which focuses on (e)co-housing projects, networking and inspiration tours to visit (international) sustainable projects. At Re-Vive I am working as a social impact developer. Re-Vive is an urban brownfield developer focusing on green energy and mobility, open dialogue with local stakeholders, low-energy or passive housing, green public spaces and urban environment.

Why are you part of Generation T?

While working for Mobile School, I learned about self-esteem, positive focus, creativity and agility. I have been traveling to more than 50 countries and lived in six countries. I believe one of my strengths are the lessons learned while working for inspiring people and organizations. I am motivated to inspire others to live a positive, sustainable lifestyle. With this in mind, we started EcoHub!be as we want to show other people how sustainable and green, can also be innovative, cool and modern. How building compact houses, sharing materials and spaces with your neighbors is the new way to live in an urban environment. Via Generation T I would like to connect with other change makers to combine and scale up initiatives.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

At my job at Re-Vive, I coordinate the YAWs (You Are Welcome) at our projects. It is a common space that people can use as a drop-off point for local farmers, as a guest room, as a communal kitchen during street BBQs or as a co-working space for entrepreneurs. By creating the space to engage in neighborhood activities, we encourage people to make a change in their lifestyle. Via EcoHub!be I organize inspiration tours, for example one to London where we eat at neighborhood initiatives, visit a zero energy development, one of the world’s most sustainable office buildings, a city farm and a project in containers for social entrepreneurs. With this tour I want to inspire people who join, but also everyone who follows Ecohub!be on social media, via our newsletter and via pictures, movies and reports.