Yolan Gielen

Yolan Gielen

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Chemical engineer with a passion for innovation and new business models


"As an engineer I believe I can make a difference, or at least help this movement grow."

Who are you?

I just graduated as an industrial engineer and did a postgraduate called "Innovating Entrepreneurship for Engineers" for which I did a 2 year internship at CORE. CORE is a student cooperative where students work together with companies, cities, networks and others on projects that help us reduce our energy usage. I organised a course called "Sustainable entrepreneurship" which is now implemented in the curriculum of the KULeuven. This course teaches students to make sustainable business models. On top of that I am a volunteer at Act4change and I also take part in a European network that wants to connect the youth with cooperative entrepreneurship.  

Why are you part of Generation T?

Not only am I very interested in the sustainable development goals and how they can be implemented, with my knowledge of new business models, of cooperatives and energy and with my technical assets as an engineer I believe I can make a difference, or at least help this movement grow.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

With the course of sustainable entrepreneurship I bring students (or other people) in contact with the sustainable development goals, and teach them how to do something about it. With the European network of cooperatives I believe we can help the youth to dare to undertake by learning them to share the risk, in a cooperation. Together with the course it could jumpstart new and sustainable businesses.