Ban Ki-moon: "We are the first generation that can end poverty and we are the last generation that can end climate change."

Empowering young people

Generation T est une communauté de jeunes changemakers actifs dans le domaine du développement durable en Belgique. Partage tes idées, entreprend des actions à nos côtés et participe à la transition vers une société plus durable.

Generation T well represented at Hack Belgium 2018

Nombreux membres de Generation T ont participé à la 2e édition de Hack Belgium. Environ 1000 participants se sont penchés pendant 3 jours sur 12 défis sociétaux.

Generation T on stage

Not everyone is born a motivational speaker. That’s why we created ‘Generation T on stage’ to enhance the public speaking skills of our members.

Kick off 2017

On Octobre 26 we have welcomed new members into Generation T. Do you want to get a taste of what it was like at the kick off? 

Generation T challenges: IKEA Food

Lors de 2 réunions, nous avons appris la stratégie alimentaire de Ikea global et en Belgique, et nous avons apporté quelques idées out-of-the box à Ikea.

Ecokot - omdat duurzaamheid niet duur hoeft te zijn...

Missie: Aantonen dat duurzaamheid NIET duur en vervelend hoeft te zijn.

1. Te veel afval in de stad
2. Te weinig groen in de stad
3. Te weinig gemeengoed in de stad

Will Brexit trigger the Africanisation of Europe?

One reason why the UK might want to leave the EU is that the EU is an ‘untransparent, ineffective juggernaut’. However, the African experience shows that a web of smaller organisations might be even worse. Unfortunately, an African-style web is where Europe might end up after a Brexit. Lodewijk Van Dycke wrote about the danger for the EU to become an African-like mishmash.

Doing less bad is not good enough

The recent upsurge of political and business interest in the idea of a circular economy raises a crucial question: is it a real game changer or just another trend that will soon go out of fashion? Sevan Holemans wrote a blog about the subject which you can read here!

Vlaanderen en Zuid-Afrika blijven geloven in de kracht van jonge vrijwilligers

Onder het motto “Upscaling and promoting youth volunteering in civil society organisations” sloegen Vlaanderen en Zuid-Afrika opnieuw de handen in elkaar. In het kader van deze vijfjarige samenwerking reisde een 5-koppige Vlaamse delegatie tussen 6 en 13  maart 2016 af naar Johannesburg. Deze Vlaamse stuurgroep begeleidt het ministerie voor jeugdontwikkeling in Zuid-Afrika (NYDA) in de promotie van het vrijwilligerswerk.

Generation T challenges Delhaize

Generation T is a network of young pioneers in sustainable transition. We know many companies and organisations are looking for innovative solutions and more sustainable business models to deal with societal issues. Therefore, Generation T aims to challenge those organisations to think 'out-of-the-box' and to shape ambitious sustainability policies. As a first challenge, we’ll start with Delhaize!

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