Ana Adzersen

Ana Adzersen

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Cultural change activist and facilitator for sustainable co-creation    


"Being alive is what connects me with everything and everyone around me."     

Who are you?

Hey, what makes YOU feel alive? Can you find the pulse of Life at the heart of everything you do? This question guides me every day. Why? Because being alive is what connects me with everything and everyone around me. It is in this connection that I find purpose and endurance. And joy, too! As cultural change activist I create spaces for exploring one’s own aliveness and one’s power to shape the environment. These are spaces for meeting – your Self, the struggles and inspirations of others and the wisdom of the web of Life all around us. I dedicate myself to creating such encounters, because this is how I can contribute most to making a sustainable way of life grow.

Why are you part of Generation T?

GenerationT knows that another way of life is necessary – humankind can be useful for Life on Earth! My contribution is that I act on the deep knowing that all different ways of being that exist are vital. Having experienced both exclusion and privilege, due to my Nordic and African heritage, I am convinced that we can only create viable strategies to be in alignment with the complexity of life, if every voice (internal and external) is being taken into account. So, I feel called to nurture a Culture of Wholeness. For this, I wish to facilitate vision-building and self-exploration for the GenerationT and beyond through spaces of empathic reflection, mutual recognition in vulnerability and triumph, and radical truth-speaking.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

I am facilitator for sustainable co-creation and have initiated the monthly Salon pour la Vie in April 2015. My roots are the deep ecology approach by Joanna Macy, the ‘Work that Reconnects’, and I draw on a wide variety of empathic dialogue technologies. The spaces I create are based on the principles of co-creation, self-exploration and looking deeply into the interconnections of our own choices and the life of others. The intention of the Salon pour la Vie is to empower people to recognize all parts of themselves and their surroundings as supportive for creating a good life. Another innovative exchange format I created is the Buen Vivir Parcours, an interactive game for co-creating how to live sustainably in everyday life.