Ben Vanpeperstraete

Ben Vanpeperstraete

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Who are you and what do you do?

I'm 33 y old living in BXL. I'm passionate about Sustainable Development, Human Rights and Global Governance. I like working on complex yet concrete issues.

I have a background of climate change advocacy, but I'm focussing more recently on social justice and business and human rights related issues. I think the role of business is key to transform our way of living, working, producing, eating etc. So I try to understand better how and when business do the right thing by themselves, and when society needs to be more explicit in its expectations towards business.

What competences would make you a good Generation T?

I create time and space for me to reflect and think critically;

I enjoy working with others and figure out how to work our way forward in complex political spaces.

Give specific example(s) on how your projects or activities make a difference and initiate change.

Some recent professional achievements include

* I worked on the establishment and the implementation of a legally binding agreement between Global Unions and Apparel Brands on Fire and Building Safety in the garment sector in Bangladesh. A first in it's kind.

* I advocated for compensation for the victims of the three worst industrial accidents in the garment industry (Rana Plaza, Tazreen and Ali Enterprises).

* I contributed to the OECD guidance on Due Diligence in the Textile Sector.

Who inspired you? What made you first passionate about sustainability?

Current inspirations include Bill McKibben, Suzan George, Pope Francis, Van Jones, ...