Constance Cousin

Constance Cousin

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Impact journalist & Video Reporter
Science journalist

“Changing our view of the world can only lead to a change in the way we act.”

Always curious to explore the world around me, to learn, understand and share, I consequently quickly been moved by global sustainability issues and oriented myself to science journalism.
I work in radio, print media, scientific institutions and television, until the trigger.
Changing our view of the world can only lead to a change in the way we act.
I decided to reinvent my way of doing journalism and move towards so-called constructive/impact and embodied journalism, to spread the desire to act while inviting everyone to maintain critical thinking.
I use video as a mean to create inspiration, emotion, reflection and meaning, to share, to transmit, to testify, to raise awareness, to encourage changes of attitude and to awake conscious.
Then, with my twin sister – an environmental and sustainability engineer – we launch Dooble Impact.

Comment contribues-tu à la transition? donne un ou plusieurs exemple(s).

Dooble Impact is a worldwide visual content creator agency that highlight the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, through the impact of Non Profit, NGOs & Positive Impact companies. Based on a sharing resources model, Dooble Impact promotes change, for a more responsible, solidary and sustainable society through impactful and inspiring photos, video testimonies and stories.
Video is a powerful vehicle of emotion, a powerful medium to raise awareness, inspire change and make people want to act. We are strongly convinced that authentic testimonies can offer new perceptions and stimulate the support of our world in transformation, for a better future.

The new societal, environmental and economic challenges require a real shift that needs to be helped and supported. We are witnessing the emergence of a more charitable, collaborative, committed society. Therefore, I want to be part of the new generation reflection and action towards a sustainable society and positive change. I believe in the power of connection, inspiration, collaboration, collective intelligence. Driven by the same goal, let’s unite our efforts - “Together for a better Impact”.