Delia Agneessens

Delia Agneessens

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Who are you and what do you do?

I recently joined the CSR team of the real-estate company Befimmo (November 2017). I strongly believe that a job is not only a way to make money, but also an inspiration, a lifestyle you choose and, why not, a way to make things better. This was my motor to make a 360° career switch within the same company and to combine my love for animals through a animal sitting job as well. Mostly through my job as CSR Officer, various innovation projects are set up within the company and some of these projects are also pursued towards other buildings of our portfolio. Being able to ask opinions, create projects, involve staff or tenants and propose concrete CSR projects gives true motivation.The main target is guaranteeing the satisfaction of our internal ans external stakeholders, through various innovation projects, in a changing and evolving world.I'm proud to be part of a thinking team that wants to change for the best and that includes everyone in the process.

What competences make you a good Generation T?

The changing world and environment is to me a very interesting process. I'm fascinated to listing to the new demands and requirements as this evolution goes on and to, eventually, put some ideas into practice as well. To me, the best way to really get somewhere is to work in groups. You always accomplish more by getting different profiles/backgrounds together to analyse one same problem/project.The world is opening up to us. I'm very motivated to grab my chances to mean something to our and future generations by contribution to Generation-T.

Give specific example(s) on how your projects or activities make a difference and initiate change.

Last year, we launched an innovation campaign, a genuine participative approach to involve the team in strategic axes at the heart of Befimmo’s business. Team members were invited to share their thoughts on the “innovation wall” and to join one or other working groups that inspires them, in a process of collective intelligence, to devise innovation projects and bring them to fruition. Through this project, staff members are able to propose improvements or ideas to optimise the working methods and environment of the company. Furthermore, after a year in its new Smart Ways of Working offices, Befimmo continued its ongoing reflection on the New World of Work in order to continue to listen to its team, ensure its well-being, and to experiment with innovative forms of layouts and organisation that canpotentially be transferred to the operational property portfolio.One last example concerns mobility. Team members are given the opportunity to share their parking space with a colleague and, in return, are provided with an Ahooga folding electric bike for all or part of their commute. Half of the staff participated in this project. This is a win-win project in every aspect!The aim is to participate in projects that would inspire staff members and tenants, and that would help them feel better in their working life and environment as well.