Sophie Boucquey

Sophie Boucquey

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Qui es-tu?

I'm Sophie and I live in Brussels, where I started the project Plastivor with two friends. We decided (over a pint) that it was time to roll up our sleeves and actually do something. We wanted to show the world that we could recycle plastic waste by melting non-contaminated packaging (LDPE) and caps (HDPE) into unique lamps.

Comment contribues-tu à la transition? donne un ou plusieurs exemple(s).

Brussels burns plastic on a large scale, plastic that could actually be recycled. We try to contribute to the transition by making beautiful and durable lamps from plastic. Our lamps are recycled & made in Brussels in the social economy. Our project name "Plastivor" refers to: (1) recycling plastic and thus actually devouring it, we are the carnivores of the Plastic Age; (2) we see plastic as a valuable raw material, the ivory of our time.

Par qui, quelle organisation ou quel projet êtes-vous inspiré?

Precious plastics and WASTED are two Dutch projects that have inspired Plastivor.