Thibault d'Ursel

Thibault d'Ursel

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Sustainability/CSR Program Manager at Bpost


"I make sure to create the "awareness" of the need, then develop the "desire" to participate and support the change."

Who are you?

I'm an entrepreneur with a passion for Sustainable Development and currently working as Sustainability/CSR Program Manager at Bpost. Besides my work I am also an active board member of the Club of Rome EU chapter. Before BPost I was a management consultant specialised in change management and created the sustainability consulting department at Deloitte.  

Why are you part of Generation T?

I believe my experience, network and ideas can strengthen the Generation T community.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

Every project I am involved in has an important change management aspect. I make sure to create the "awareness" of the need, then develop the "desire" to participate and support the change. Next I build the "knowledge" on how to change, then support the "ability" to implement change on a day to day basis, and finally I work on the "reinforcement" aspect to keep the change in place. At Bpost I transformed the Procurement Processes into Sustainable Procurement Processes, changed real estate investment standards into sustainability solutions and I launched the National Eco Driving competition. Since 2011, I developed the club of Rome EU chapter to become a more attractive think thank networking community with Herman Van Rompuy accepting the honorary presidency.