Empowering young people

Ban Ki-moon: "We are the first generation that can end poverty and we are the last generation that can end climate change."

Generation T is een initiatief van duurzaamheidsnetwerk The Shift en jongeren-
organisatie Act4Change. Ons doel: het Belgisch referentienetwerk vormen van jongeren met een hart voor duurzaamheid. Deel jouw ideeën, onderneem actie met ons en laat ons zien welke rol jij speelt in de transitie naar een duurzamere samenleving.

Hack Belgium 2018: Generation T well represented!

Generation T on stage @Gent

Not everyone is born a motivational speaker. That’s why we created ‘Generation T on stage’ to enhance the public speaking skills of our members.

Guestblog | Crash course: Digital minimal vegan travel

Shanthuru is travelling to the Philippines to give trainings to social entrepreneurs and meet with indigenous people, mushroom farmers,.. But he is asking himself, how he can justify the huge ecological footprint of such travels?

Guestblog | Zero Waste: The method to upgrade your living standards while doing your shopping

Europe today lets 25% of the food fly from the shopping cart to the trash. How can we concretely counter this reality? This is the question asked by Yoneko NURTANTIO, a member of the Generation T network. Together with her mother, Marie-Louise BRUYÈRE, she recently published a book called “Zéro gaspi ! La méthode pour jeter moins et vivre mieux” (Larousse éd., 2017).

Schrijf je in en word lid van Generation T!

This blog article gives a clear overview of the advantages for young people get when they join Generation T.

Generation T challenges: IKEA Food

On the 22nd of June Generation-T challenged IKEA Food Belgium on how to reduce foodwaste, how to communicate about sustainability in a non-intrusive way and how to get young people on board.

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Jan-Hendrik vertelt je graag meer over Generation T en kan samen met jou je potentiële rol in dit initiatief verkennen.

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