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Magma Nova, my project that turns wasted resources into new biodegradable materials, connecting the end of the cycle with the beginning and thus making it a circular system, has entered the accelerator program of MakeSense. From now on, you can call us SenseCubies. Large-scale societal and environment impact is the core of our ambitions.

In my last post I promised to explain more about the materials we are growing in the bio-lab and the innovative research we are conducting right now. But I'd rather like to share other experiences, because I think you might maybe also feel the same in conducting your own projects (is it your life project or entrepreneurial project).

At the end of this first week of intensive coaching at the SenseCube I was actually pretty convienced about having found my personal reasonsWHY I do what I do, WHY you might share the same WHY as us and WHY I also want you to believe in HOW and WHAT we do. WHY WHAT we do is important for society and WHY we are solving a challenge with a big impact. 


We are willing to solve the waste production system (the big vision);
Because it damages our ecosystem and environment;
Because there is a lack of ressources in the future;
Because the current materials aren't really sustainable;
Because in the past we never really thought about the lifecycle and the end of life of our materials;
Because living zero-waste made me, as an architect, realise to urge to come up with new design standards;
Because balance is one of the fundamentals of nature, but our production system isn't in balance as we keep on going;

For WHO?

We strongly believe in different consumption methodologies that can benefit not only ourselves but also the earth;
We believe designers are always looking for innovative materials; 
We therefor believe that our materials tells a story with a big impact.

But then, during the session of "Communication Consciente" given by Jean-Yves Lagasse, we dug a little bit deeper in search for my inner needs: WHY do I REALLY want to achieve my intentions. What are the personal needs that I'm looking to satisfy? I know, this is becoming very psycho-analitic, but super important at this stage of the proces. Now we are looking inside my inner ocean. How does the my resource (I'll call it magma) want to come into irruption? More importantly, am I able to name the energy of the magma that plays inside? 

This was mentally the most complex exercise I had ever done before. I learned that my intentions come from the need to show the light and to find the light myself, the need to connect people around our common values and offer you (the people that share our why's) the magma as a resource. I also realised that more empathy towards you would allow me to give you the space to imagine. To be creative with our innovative materials. Later in the session we analysed the obstacles and the path to follow to overcome the obstacles.

Now, maybe for some of you this might sound a bit abstract. The essence here is that the session allowed me to find strategies for the development of Magma Nova. My keywords are openness, freedom and liberty, give and co-create.

We turned all my convictions upside down, shacked very well, and made a new recipe with ingredients full of meaning that make sense.

If you would like to read more I strongly recommend this list of books ( ROSENBERG, Marshall B) and also GOLEMAN, DanielEmotional Intelligence and Thinking, fast and slow.

To be continued very soon...

About the author:

Elise Elsacker gave herself the challenge one year ago to drastically reduce the waste that she produces. Now she lives completely zero waste and she's writing a blog because she wishes to communicate her solutions and alternatives that can reduce the impact on the planet with simple and daily choices.