Food Exchange Café Brussels

Sustainable Development Goal(s): No HungerResponsible Consumption

FSE Network helps delivering Sustainable Development Goals through reducing food waste. Food Exchange Café is a way to empower the wide public to fight food waste with a simple act: exchanging food. And through this act the we try to bring awareness of using Food for its real value.

The Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network (FSE Network) is the European community connecting food surplus entrepreneurs. Our goal: a world without food waste.

The FSE Network supports Food Surplus Entrepreneurs in four ways:
– It connects them internationally in a virtual, pan-European platform which connects 180 social innovators. Join the platform by filling out the form on this link.
– It organizes international events to bring together social innovators from across Europe, like the Food Waste Collab.
– It connects them on a city or regional level in FSE Hubs where social innovators meet regularly to build solutions to their challenges or to inspire new entrepreneurs.
– It showcases the movement of Food Surplus Entrepreneurs on its online map and social media.

Moreover, the FSE Network helps local governments to reduce food waste through social entrepreneurship. It guides cities and municipalities on how they can reduce food waste and to work towards the Zero Food Waste City.

Food Exchange Café

Eat me baby one more time! 
- chat - drink - no waste - reuse - fun - love - 
Feel great taking action against food waste while having a fun night out in the great Potemkine bar.

Last time almost 50 people exchanged more than 50 kilos of food and some nice recipes with each other cheerfully over drinks. 

Concept: Bring your food which you don't want to use at home anymore and exchange for some other delicious food. Have a drink and chat with like minded people at the same time.

Bring your veggies, peanut butter, a bag of flour or bananas and exchange them for a celery, potatoes or perhaps even a bottle of wine, if you are lucky. Any food is accepted, not wasted and loved here. If you use all of your foods as it is, no worries, register with a Food Bank-ticket and pick out something from our food bank to exchange with at the event. 

The event is free, but please register on Eventbrite:

In the future this event will take place every first Thursday evening of the month. YEAH!

About the Author;

Joris Depouillon is the builder of a global movement to reduce food waste! With his "Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network", he support food surplus entrepreneurs by facilitating exchange, collaboration and visibility. Also,‪ FSENetwork‬ supports cities to reduce food waste and helps changemakers to develop their own social enterprises to reduce food waste.