Generation T challenges Delhaize

Sustainable Development Goal(s): Responsible Consumption

Generation T is a network of young pioneers in sustainable transition. We know many companies and organisations are looking for innovative solutions and more sustainable business models to deal with societal issues. Therefore, Generation T aims to challenge those organisations to think 'out-of-the-box' and to shape ambitious sustainability policies. As a first challenge, we’ll start with Delhaize!

After a first meeting in March with the sustainability managers of Delhaize, which objective was to meet each other, and gather relevant information about Delhaize’s sustainability strategy, Generation T members are now getting ready to imagine what the supermarket of the future is!

This first preparatory meeting went on very well and permitted all participants to learn more about sustainability at Delhaize, but also about specific topics like food waste, packaging, refrigeration or assortment management. After the presentation of the sustainability strategy of Delhaize by Sustainability Manager Marie Delvaulx and Waste Management Project Coordinator Linde Raport - which is focusing on four main domains: Sustainable private brands, Associate diversity & development, Healthy lifestyle, Zero Waste -, Generation Ters could ask questions and dig deeper into what is being done in practice. KPI’s, stakeholder’s engagement, Delhaize partnership with WWF for sustainable fish, paying terms for suppliers, BSCI membership or supply chain related topics were the different themes we addressed.

After clarifying the aforementioned topics with Delhaize and gathering new information, Generation Ters are now getting their ideas together. What could be an ambitious contribution from Delhaize to a more sustainable society? What actions of transition could be applied to supermarkets? Can they become local centers for the community? How can the shopping experience evolve or radically transform? From rooftops organic production to applying the principles of the sharing economy, potential is endless. And this potential will certainly be challenged during an upcoming meeting with CEO Denis Knoops on May 11th.