Generation T challenges: IKEA Food

Sustainable Development Goal(s): No HungerResponsible Consumption

Have you ever thought about how to create a sustainable IKEA? How to design a future IKEA Food Restaurant? How to attract young people to IKEA? Or how to communicate about all the sustainable actions that have already been done? This was the topic of the challenge between Generation T and the management of IKEA Food Belgium. During 2 meetings we got to know the Food strategy of IKEA globally and in Belgium, and we brought some out-of-the box thinking and ideas to IKEA.

We discussed topics such as the IKEA Food Experience stores in city centers, rooftop gardening, transparant cooking, looking for connections and providing mostly organic, seasonal and local food. It was insightful for the Generation T to get the chance to peek behind the doors of a multinational company during those two meetings, and IKEA liked the out-of the box thinking and to be able to see the point of view of the young generation that is asking for more transparancy, experience and better reachable city-center stores.