Generation T weekend

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The first weekend of March was reserved for the first Generation T weekend, a weekend organised by Generation T members and supported by Act4Change.

The agenda of the weekend was planned by Generation T members Quentin de Pret and Ana Adzersen, just like the logistics of the weekend was organised by Pieter-Jan Van de Velde in support of the cooking team of Act4Change. The first evening was all about getting to know each other better, a council set up where we shared stories, memories, projects, best practices ... An intens but good start of the weekend. 

Saturday morning the future of Generation T was the subject, how do we want to inspire the world? How can we show our projects to companies, governments, citizens, to live a more ecological and social live? 

Nevertheless the youth in Generation T, there is already a lot of experience present. To get the chance to share this knowledge, we held an open space where Generation T members talked about there projects, shared methodologies and played frisbee.

This all brought us to Saturday evening, where Generation T took matters in own hands and cooked together with the food waste collected by Joris Depouillon of the Food Surplus Network.