Hay Group Coaching

Sustainable Development Goal(s): Quality Education

Generation T partner Hay Group is offering a one-year coaching program on leadership competences to 20 Generation T members. The Kick-off session took place the 1st of March where Hay Group gave a first impression of what the next sessions would be about.

The Generation T members learned to appreciate and recognize differences between theirselves and others by doing the DISC-test. The DISC-test helps to understand yourself but also learns yourself about your growth areas. Generation T members were divided in groups and had to invent team building activities for the groups with oposite profiles, what gave entertaining presentations.

The main goal of this Kick Off was to give Generation T the opportunity to determine the own learning needs and in that way the schedule of the training the following year. This was done in small groups with filling in the golden circle, why are we here, how do we want to achieve that, and what will we do for that. By filling in this golden circle made Generation T come to common goals, which will be implemented by the coaches of Hay Group in the following sessions. We are all looking forward to that!