Elien Sohier

Elien Sohier


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Happy gangster at MakeSense Brussels


"My dream is also to become myself a social entrepreneur."

Who are you?

I'm a happy gangster at MakeSense Brussels. MakeSense is an international movement that promotes social entrepreneurship. I co-organize hold-ups (solving challenges of social entrepreneurs), sensecamps (weekends connecting social enthusiasts with entrepreneurs), sensenights (with concerts) etc. Currently we are building a social impact accelerator program in Brussels. Why? Because I believe this is the organisation model of the future: opensource, flat hierarchy and cocreative. We are not jobseekers but jobgivers. Our leitmotiv is that everyone can be (or help) a social entrepreneur. My dream is that MakeSense will become common sense, because I believe "the economy is you" (Prof. Ha Joon Chang: "economics is too important to be left to the experts alone").  

Why are you part of Generation T?

My superpower is to scout and connect people in MakeSense. I bring people with different skills and background together and then the MakeSense magic begins. My dream is also to become myself a social entrepreneur. Currently I'm looking for a team to start my own social business in food production & selling.  

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

Our last SenseCamp brought more than 300 people together to be inspired by social causes and entrepreneurs. My hold-ups for social entrepeneurs such as BEEScoop, het lezerscollectief, Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken, Buurderij, Showerloop et cet. It's valuable crowdsourcing information for our social entrepreneurs.