Emilie Sickinghe

Emilie Sickinghe


Gender EqualityReduced InequalitiesPeace and Justice

Wie ben jij?

As a child, I remember often reflecting about the phenomena of war, poverty and pollution in our world. I concluded that if only all adults could *feel* what it felt like to starve of hunger, they would not let any wars happen. If all adults could *feel* what it felt like for the Earth, plants and animals to be decimated, hurt, killed, exploited... they would never even *think* of destroying the planet as mindlessly they were doing it.

Since then, I have never strayed very far from my childhood philosophical musings and quite to the contrary, I have decided to dedicate my life to them.

Empathy, human development and reconnection. Those became my passions. In order for our world to transition to a new way of living, to new societies, a deep form of connection and empathy is a fundamental ingredient to put in the mix. In order for true empathy to develop to such an extent, humans need to reconnect not only to others and to nature... but to themselves in the first place.

I made it a passionate pursuit to learn about human development and growth and about transforming the world brought me on a profound journey. After working in the European Union and for ambitious ONGs in Lebanon and for AVAAZ.org in London, I explored personal development through horses, shamanism, and theatre. Today I make videos and documentaries on issues with social impact to transform narratives, foster empathy, and offer new perspectives. As a coach, I accompany people in their personal journeys.

Hoe draag jij bij tot de transitie? geef een/meerdere voorbeeld(en).

I believe collaboration and connection are amongst the most important factors for all who want to have a positive impact to be able to multiply that impact. In Gen T, I bring my creativity, life experience, skills as a filmmaker and skills as a coach. I rejoice in creating synergies, and helping anybody any way I can - and why not give birth to common projects.

Welke persoon, organisatie of project inspireert jou en waarom?

A few would be Bill Plotkin, Pierre Rabhi, Satish Kumar, Jane Goodall... just to name a few!