Joeri Thijs

Joeri Thijs

Renewable EnergyClimate Action


Senior climate campaigner 


"The earth is not dying, it's being killed. And those who are killing it have names and adresses."

Who are you?

I have made the climate change issue my top priority, professionally and personally. I realize that global warming is the biggest issue for our generation. The birth of my two boys gave this passion and urgency on climate change a major boost. Realising that potential catastrophic consequences of global warming could become reality by the time that are my age, gave me even more conviction and energy to do my part in tackling the climate issue. I'm a senior campaigner for Greenpeace. We are expected to be the watchdog of governments and corporate players. In Belgium we have initiated many campaign projects on climate and energy, the impact of transport, the outrageous plans of oil companies to drill in the Arctic etc. 

Why are you part of Generation T?

Taking risks and trying new things: that's where I try to stimulate colleagues and activists at Greenpeace. I'm a passionate project-leader and always use my own high energy-level to inspire a whole team. Global warming will not be solved by political action alone. Only through actions and individual acts by citizens and progressive businesses we will we be able to create the necessary setting for politicians to make the right choices. Luckily the world is changing: citizens protest for climate action, renewable energy is the biggest player for new energy investments etc. The only challenge now is to ensure that this positive trend is accelerated by political action in the coming decades.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

Many projects which I have lead at Greenpeace over the past years have served our role as a watchdog in the Belgian society, ensuring that politicians and companies don't get away with climate destructive behaviour. But political work is also part of my job, both through publishing reports or organising seminars etc.