Pierre-Alexandre Klein

Pierre-Alexandre Klein


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Neuroscientist, entrepreneur and changemaker


"I am looking forward to facilitate the new societal paradigm to complete its update. My projects aim at impacting media, healthcare, innovation and research sectors."

Who are you?

On a daily basis, I study how the human brain works and in particular I’m trying to characterize on which neural basis we do make decisions, by recording and stimulating the brain with electromagnetic pulses. I also launched several projects, looking forward to facilitating the new societal paradigm to complete its update. Hence, whether my "startups" impact the media, the healthcare, the social or the research/industry sectors, I am always driven by implementing the new critical role of the multitude in its core. I developed (1) an app that detects epileptic seizures and notifies surrounding caregivers and (2) a digital/social platform that connect authors and readers around quality content with crowdfunding solutions, and (3) I’m trying to federate actors (e.g. engineers, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs) in Brussels around disruptive innovation projects in Brussels that may have a societal or environmental impact.

Why are you part of Generation T?

At the border between entrepreneurship, politics, science and media, I've been interested in how these sectors undergo deep transformation in the last years. I want to continue this transformation, and I strongly believe in emulation through networking with people from different backgrounds.    

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

In the health sector, the epilepsy project I'm developing helps patients to feel secure and brings the crowd to be caregivers. In the media sector, the social platform I co-founded aims at bringing education and qualitative contents as a priority by letting authors, journalists to be funded independently. Our system works for freelance but also whistleblowers and censored professionals. The innovation network I am developing at the moment aims at bridging the gap between infrastructures (fablabs, coworking spaces, biohackerspaces, industries, universities) with changemakers (engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs) in order to stimulate innovation with societal and environmental impact.