Raf Callaerts

Raf Callaerts

Renewable EnergyInnovation and InfrastructureClimate ActionPeace and Justice

Who are you?

I'm currently combining two jobs that are related to my legal education. On the one hand I'm a lawyer and part of the Energy and Utilities Department at a Brussels law firm. Our team strives to keep a finger on the pulse of the clean and sustainable energy transition and provides legal advice to international and Belgian clients in the energy sector. We're involved in many cases that touch on various complex (often technical) aspects of energy projects and energy related matters. I'm also trying to be one of the law firm's drivers for the environmental policy aspects of CSR, enhacing actions to improve the sustainability of our operations and activities.  On the other hand I am also an academic staff member at the Institute for Environmental and Energy Law (IEEL) of the University of Leuven. At the IEEL we provide for a myriad of activities in the field of environmental, energy and climate change law in the form of teaching, research, counselling, continuing education and publications.

Why are you part of Generation T?

Having developed specific know-how in energy, environmental and climate change law and policy, I'm trying to be of value, not only professionally, to people that are strongly interested in or have strong interests in sustainability. I'm always willing to share knowledge and to openly discuss about ideas. I have developed strong organisational skills and I am able to confidently speak in public.

Give specific example(s) on how your projects or activities make a difference and initiate change.

My professional activities allow me to be in close proximity of various public and private market players in the sustainable transition, which allows for putting things into perspective and to come up with clear advice to turn ideas into reality. I'm grateful being able to collaborate with engaged and motivated clients and colleagues.