Raphael Dupriez

Raphael Dupriez


No HungerGood HealthQuality Education

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm a Start'up entrepreneur @ Little Food. We breed, process and promote cricket as a sustainable alternative protein. I'm doing this because I'm a nature lover and a project builder. As a bio-engineer, I'm very aware of the different process that are running in the our actual food systems. We want to put the animal back in its place wich is to eat and value things that humans can't eat. The cricket is the most efficient at this position. We are building the first vertical, circular economy, urban insect farm. We also make school visits to promote what we do.

What competences would make you a good Generation T?

Enthousiast, communicative, social, team worker. I'm mostly interested by dissruptive ideas and/or technology use. My main drivers are nature conservation and fun.

Give specific example(s) on how your projects or activities make a difference and initiate change.

- More than 50 000 people tasted and ated our insects

- More than 2000 people visited our farm and were intiated to urban and insect farming

- We are opening Europe's market by working and coordinating Novel Food dossier with universities

- We are one of the very first company working on this subject in Europe