Sevan Holemans

Sevan Holemans

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Founder of Le Champignon de Bruxelles


“It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime. What better place than here, what better time than now?"

Who are you?

I am a young economist and a solution-oriented idealist experimenting a new model of food producing. A year and a half ago I co-founded an urban farm in the very center of Brussels which primary goals are to regenerate organic wastes and produce healthy and sustainable food.

Why are you part of Generation T?

In my vision, entrepreneurship is essential. This is why I decided to leave the theoretical world of facts and figures and get involved in the hands-on work. Through entrepreneurship I want to show that we can take the future in our hands and act TODAY individually and collectively for the transition towards a more inclusive and sustainable economic system.

A specific example on how your project or activities make a difference and initiate change:

By working on our urban farm project we wish to reach two results. First, make a case for the local, small-size and small-investments organic urban farms in Belgium. The idea is to show that it is possible to leverage all these elements (the circularity for the raw materials, the short-circuit for delivering, the organic label, the increased resilience due to the relative small size, the enhanced creativity with open-source and DIY mindsets) to our advantage and become a profitable business. Second, on the way to making this case and after, we hope to inspire other young people to start their own project as well.