Viktoriya Trutayeva

Viktoriya Trutayeva

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Wie ben jij?

Hundreds of video’s and articles on internet where our oceans are turning into plastic did not pass me by. It does hurt me to seeing killed animals in the oceans and polluted marine. Single-Use Plastic problem is key for our and future generations. And I am very much concerned as a mother, as a responsible citizen and as a human being.
Since my student life I have been always looking for an opportunity to make my impact in the society. Being a member of International Youth Organization AIESEC I was helping out young professionals to find a job by organising Forum Careers, and other events. I was in a team of educational project for orphan children “Children UA”. Later on I organised first TEDx event in my hometown Donetsk (Ukraine).
Today I would like to make my impact in the Plastic Pollution problem. Having rich volunteer experience in social projects I became really strong in inspiring people with a DIY attitude.

Hoe draag jij bij tot de transitie? geef een/meerdere voorbeeld(en).

As many of us I spend most of my time at work. In the office I have noticed that we use many plastic cups, stirs, and cutlery. When I go on customers’ meetings I see that they have same situation. After investigation I have found out that even in some offices people do not sort waste.
I have decided to take an initiative and change the situation with a single-use plastic in my office. I spoke with the management to replace plastic items by alternatives. And it was not difficult at all. They supported my idea. While talking with the director of my company it revealed that such changes are good not just for the environment but for the business too. While closing a deal our customers are often concerned about social responsibility of their partner.
My little success I have shared with other people and they did the same in their offices. I would like to continue by creating a network of change agents who will impact the business environment. There are many companies that require “Do It Yourself” initiatives and employees who need support to initiate such changes.